Budgeting & Saving

Infographic: Living Your Best Financial Life


Need to jump-start your savings? Know that you have the power to make big changes right where you are. With a few bright ideas, you'll be able to start saving money you didn't even know you had. Visualize the change and make it happen!


If home is where you hang your hat, it's also a place you can trim the spending impulse you exercise when you're buying a new hat every three months. Trim the fat and see how you can learn to live beautifully on a budget.


When you're on the town, you're open to the impulses that can find you when you're out freewheeling. Just don't let that turn into free spending, too. Check in with your real needs to see if that idea or hobby is worth funding upfront, and if you're in the hunt for quick cash, see if your entertaining and dining out budget can do with a trim.


When it comes to your finances, the little things can add up. Out-of-network charges can cause a real problem, along with carrying significant credit card debt that sucks up overall household income. And failing to optimize at tax time can have impact, too. What else could you do with $460 extra dollars in your wallet?

Keep an eye on those little charges that can really add up. Pulling back your power and keeping your money where you really want it allows you to hold off and put it into the things that matter most to you — where it makes a real difference.