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Infographic: A Credit Shape Up


Is it time to tighten up your credit? There’s still time to do your best and get your credit summer-ready! Don’t let your credit hold you back as long summer days offer opportunities for fun and times with family and friends. If your credit’s been a bit neglected since the workout it received over the holidays, get it on the road back to fighting form with the ideas below.


Don’t let the state your credit’s in be a surprise when you need it the most. Checking your report regularly keeps you close to your credit behaviors so you can learn more about how your actions reflect on your credit report – and come into your credit scores, too.


If you’ve made a few missteps with your credit, you know that they can cast a long shadow. When you understand the behaviors that can do real damage to your scores, it’s much easier to keep things on track. Knowing what goes into your scores (and working to do better) can help your outcomes where your credit’s concerned, so it’s valuable knowledge to have.


If you see something wrong on your report, it doesn’t have to go unaddressed, and it might be the first indicator of some unauthorized activity you’ll want to report. You can always submit a dispute via phone or online to correct information on your Experian credit report.

When you’re focusing on your financial fitness, there’s no time like the present to do better than you have in the past. Shape up your approach to credit and there’s no shortage of places it can take you in the moments where you need it most.

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