Budgeting & Saving

Infographic: An X-Ray of Millennial Spending

Behold the power of the millennial generation: early tech adopters and trendsetting powerhouses. But when it comes to their finances, how do millennials spend and save differently from other previous generations? They balance decision-making factors differently and aren't afraid to vote with their wallets where brand loyalty is concerned. Millennials also don't respond to old societal pressures in traditional ways either, possibly due to the record-setting levels of education they achieve (and the debt many must incur to achieve their goals in higher academia). Curious about where and how the hard-earned pennies of millennials get spent? Educate yourself on how they spend, save and share.

Millennials make decisions differently and don't subscribe to all the same financial guidelines that other generations have, whether good or bad. Be in the know on how they evaluate when it comes to their finances.

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