Budgeting & Saving

How You Can Save Money Every Day

Check out this podcast where Josh Elledge joins us to chat about personal savings. Wanting to reduce his family's grocery bill, he became a couponing expert and founded the website, With the success of this site, he earned over 1,500 media spots and became a coach for other entrepreneurs. He later launched his next site,, to continue consulting and to provide a public relations service for audiences with entrepreneurial goals.

  • An overview of SavingsAngel
  • How shopping with discounts can lead to major savings down the road
  • Ways to cut grocery bills in half
  • Buying in advance and not when you need something
  • Coupons and finding deals on SavingsAngel
  • Busy people and the need for savings
  • Psychology and the understanding of what is being delivered to the consumer

Stay tuned for more Experian podcasts at this year's FinCon 2017 with industry professionals.

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