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How can I raise my credit score?

Everyone’s credit history is unique so it depends on the individual. Start by getting your credit report and your credit score. You can get a copy of your credit report at or get your Free Experian credit report. You can purchase a credit score for a nominal fee when you get your free annual credit report.

In addition to the number you’ll also receive a list of risk factors. The risk factors describe what specifically from your credit report most affected the scores. Focus on the issues described by those factors and you will improve your credit score over time.

While numbers can vary from one score to another, the risk factors tend to be very consistent from one scoring system to another. Address those factors and all of your credit scores will get better.

Experian has a service called Credit Educator that provides your individual credit report, credit score, risk factors and time on the telephone with a trained representative who will walk you through your report. The service can help you learn how to manage your credit effectively.

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