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How do you start to rebuild your credit?

There are a number of ways to start to rebuild your credit. Here is a list of three things you can do:

Have your rent payments reported to Experian

One way that you might not think about is by having your on-time rent payments reported. If you rent a house or apartment, talk to your landlord about reporting your rent payments to Experian. You can learn how at

Having rent reported has proven to be very helpful for people with little or no credit history or for those who are working to rebuild a damaged credit history.

Open a secured account

A secured account is tied to a bank account, usually a savings account. Your credit limit is a percentage of the account balance. If you fail to pay, the bank can use the savings to pay the debt.

The payment history of a secured account is reported just like any other credit card account, so can help you rebuild your credit history.

Be added as an authorized user or joint account holder

When you are added as an authorized user or joint account holder on another person’s credit card, the account will be included in your credit report, too. If the account is managed well, meaning the balance is kept low and the payments are always on time, it will help your credit improve.

There is a very important distinction between the two types of account association. An authorized user has no responsibility for repayment of the debt. A joint account holder shares full responsibility for the debt. If you are a joint account holder and the other person doesn’t pay, you are then responsible for paying the whole debt amount.

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