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Experian Connect for Property Management Companies

Dear Experian,

We are a property management company looking for a monthly credit report service. Where do I get that info?


Dear ARJ,

In order to obtain credit reports from Experian you must become a subscriber. To do so, your business must meet stringent eligibility requirements and specific membership criteria.

If your business is too small to qualify for membership or to make the financial and compliance costs economically feasible, you may find Experian Connect an ideal resource. Experian Connect was created to enable individuals to share their credit reports with small businesses. It is perfect for businesses that do not need to access large numbers of credit histories, for example for apartment managers with only a small number of units.

Along with the report, you receive the VantageScore which helps you gauge the person's creditworthiness and effectively manage your business risk. The factors, which tell you what in the person's credit report most impacted the score, will also help you explain why you may have declined the application or charged a larger deposit.

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Thanks for asking.
- The "Ask Experian" team

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