Were You Impacted by the 2017 Cybersecurity Incident and Signed up for Equifax® TrustedID® Premier?

Were You Impacted by the 2017 Cybersecurity Incident and Signed up for Equifax<sup>®</sup> TrustedID<sup>®</sup> Premier? article image.

Through December 31, 2022, Experian, TransUnion and Equifax will offer all U.S. consumers free weekly credit reports through AnnualCreditReport.com to help you protect your financial health during the sudden and unprecedented hardship caused by COVID-19.

If you received a notification recently from Equifax that you are eligible for free Experian credit monitoring, read here for further information.

Extend Your Credit Monitoring with IDnotifyTM from Experian®.

If you were impacted by the 2017 Equifax cybersecurity incident and signed up for a free membership in Equifax's TrustedID Premier, you may have received an email notification recently from Equifax explaining the opportunity to extend your identity protection coverage with Experian and its IDnotify™ product—at no cost.

We sincerely hope that Experian can provide you peace of mind through our product, IDnotify. We are pleased to welcome you and are committed to delivering the highest level of customer service to ensure this process is as seamless as possible.

Why Should I Enroll in Experian's Identity Protection Product?

Monitoring your credit is one of the most important actions you can take to protect yourself, ensuring your personal information is not being used to fraudulently open new credit accounts. Experian's IDnotify is a best-in-class product and with it you will gain features in addition to credit monitoring, such as access to Experian CreditLock—allowing you to instantly lock your Experian credit report—as well as expanded dark web/online monitoring that allows you to keep an eye on more of your important information.

How Experian's IDnotify Protects Your Identity

  • Enhanced Feature: Internet Surveillance/Dark Web Monitoring: Above and beyond monitoring your social security number, IDnotify allows you to monitor your personal information across eight additional categories such as email, phone number and financial accounts.
  • 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring: You will receive alerts that reflect any changes to each of your three credit reports (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion) during your membership term. This includes new inquiries, newly opened accounts, new derogatory information (such as delinquencies or medical collections) and more.
  • Credit Report: You will get a free one-time copy of your Experian credit report.
  • Experian Credit Lock: You have access to the Experian CreditLock feature which allows you to instantly lock and unlock your Experian credit report.
  • Identity Theft Insurance*: If you have been a victim of identity theft, you will immediately be covered by a $1 million insurance policy that can help you cover certain costs, including lost wages, private investigator fees, and unauthorized electronic fund transfers for one year.

What You Need to Do to Take Advantage of This Free Service

Eligible consumers who are currently enrolled in Equifax's Trusted ID Premier product will be receiving emails from October 30, 2018 to November 11, 2018 notifying them of eligibility for extended coverage with Experian's IDnotify product.

Consumers have 14 days from receiving that email to opt out of the program. After 14 days, you will receive another email from Equifax with instructions on how to complete your enrollment. Please note that you must take action to enroll in IDnotify by January 31, 2019.

I Have Not Received an Email with Instructions to Enroll. What Do I Do?

Initial notifications with enrollment instructions for eligible consumers will be going out from November 15 to November 28, 2018. If you are a Trusted ID Premier subscriber who was impacted in Equifax's 2017 cybersecurity incident, and have not received enrollment instructions for IDnotify by November 29, 2018, please contact Equifax at customer.care@equifax.com or call them at 888.548.7878, 8:00 AM — Midnight EST, 7 days a week.

What Other Steps Can I Take to Help Protect Myself from Identity Theft

  1. Place Security Freezes or Fraud Alerts on your credit reports. Activating a Security Freeze requires you to contact each credit bureau separately. A Fraud Alert is communicated by one credit bureau to the others so you only need to activate it at one bureau. Both are free.
  2. Get a copy of your free annual credit report from each credit bureau at AnnualCreditReport.com, or get your free Experian credit report.
  3. Review your account statements and credit reports carefully, reporting any unauthorized activity to your financial institution.
  4. If you believe that any of your accounts have been comprised, report it to law enforcement agencies.
  5. You can also dispute inaccurate information on your credit file and submit an identity theft report to any of the credit bureaus.

What If I Have Questions and Need Support from Equifax?

Email Equifax at customer.care@equifax.com or call them at 888.548.7878, 8:00 AM — Midnight EST, 7 days a week.

*Identity Theft Insurance underwritten by insurance company subsidiaries or affiliates of American International Group, Inc. (AIG). The description herein is a summary and intended for information purposes only and does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies described. Please refer to the actual policies for terms, conditions, and exclusions of coverage. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.

The purpose of this question submission tool is to provide general education on credit reporting. The Ask Experian team cannot respond to each question individually. However, if your question is of interest to a wide audience of consumers, the Experian team may include it in a future post and may also share responses in its social media outreach. If you have a question, others likely have the same question, too. By sharing your questions and our answers, we can help others as well.

Personal credit report disputes cannot be submitted through Ask Experian. To dispute information in your personal credit report, simply follow the instructions provided with it. Your personal credit report includes appropriate contact information including a website address, toll-free telephone number and mailing address.

To submit a dispute online visit Experian's Dispute Center. If you have a current copy of your personal credit report, simply enter the report number where indicated, and follow the instructions provided. If you do not have a current personal report, Experian will provide a free copy when you submit the information requested. Additionally, you may obtain a free copy of your report once a week through December 31, 2022 at AnnualCreditReport.