When you Dispute Online, is it Being Seen by a Person or a Computer Database?

When you dispute an account online, you go to and work directly though Experian's dispute system, which eliminates the need for a representative to manually enter your dispute. Your dispute then goes directly from you to the source of our information.

When you go to, a credit report will be provided if you don't already have a copy of your personal report. If you do have a current copy of your personal report from Experian, not from a lender or other third party, you can simply enter the report number.

When reviewing the report, you will be able to select the accounts you want to dispute, explain your disputes and upload any relevant documentation. Once submitted, all of the materials you provide will be sent to the source of the information. By automating the system, the dispute process is faster and more secure, and the information is verified the same way it would be if you spoke to a person who took your dispute. You also will be provided confirmation that your disputes have been entered so that you have documentation if needed in the future.

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Scoped on: 03/22/2016