Chase Mobile App Review: Control Your Accounts on the Go

Chase Mobile App Review: Control Your Accounts on the Go article image.

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With the Chase Mobile app, you can access your Chase accounts from a mobile device to quickly check account balances, set up alerts, make a payment, redeem rewards or manage other aspects of your credit card and bank accounts.

Key Features of the Chase Credit Card Mobile App

The Chase Mobile app isn't only for cardholders—you can also use it to manage bank and investment accounts you have with Chase. But here are the features that are most relevant to Chase cardholders.

Login and Security

You can log in to the app using your Chase account's username and password. If you have a business credit card with Chase, you can link your personal and business accounts together.

Chase lets you sign in using your face or fingerprint if you enable the option from a capable device. When you first sign into your account from a new mobile device, you may be required to enter an additional security code that's sent to your phone or email.

Once you're logged in, you can lock and unlock your Chase cards from within the app. Locking a card can block new transactions, although account fees or credits and repeating transactions may still go through. Once you lock one card, all the cards attached to your account number get locked.

If your card was lost or stolen, you can request a replacement from within the app and typically receive a new card within three to five business days. After the card arrives, you can verify the receipt from within the app as well. Impressed by the features so far? Check out some other great credit card mobile apps.

Account Overviews

You can select a Chase card from within the app to get a breakdown of important information, including:

You can also pull up previous statements, tax documents, year-end summaries, cardmember agreements and notices or letters related to your credit card.

Account Alerts

You can use the Chase Mobile app to set up different types of card alerts:

  • Payments: Including when your payment is due, when a payment is posted and whether a payment was missed.
  • Balances: For your available credit and current balance.
  • Spending: By an authorized user or if a balance transfer is posted to your account, for instance.
  • Security: Such as when an authorized user uses your card, your card is used at a gas station or you use a Chase Offer.

The alerts can be sent by email or text (or both), and you can customize the parameters for some of the alerts. For instance, you can choose to be alerted when your balance goes above a certain threshold. While these alerts are card-specific, there are additional security alerts you can turn on for your entire account, such as an alert for when your user ID or password are changed.

You don't need to set up travel notifications if you plan to use your card on a trip—Chase will automatically reach out to you if there's suspicious behavior in your account. But you can add an alert that's sent whenever your card is used for an international charge.

Credit Card Payments

Using the app, you can quickly see a breakdown of your card balances and payment activity. You could make a payment from one of your linked Chase accounts or from another one of your accounts. You can also use the app to set up and manage autopay for your cards.

There are also additional options related to card payments. For instance, you may be able to change the card's payment due date directly through the app without having to contact customer service. The new date you choose won't take effect until your next statement period.

Or, you can select a card and see if you're eligible for My Chase Plan. Using the program, you can enroll transactions of $100 and above into a new payment plan. You can then pay off the transaction with a fixed monthly payment. This can help you better plan your budget by making repayment more predictable.

Rewards and Chase Offers

If you have Chase credit cards that are part of the Chase Ultimate Rewards program, you can check your card's rewards balance and earning opportunities. You can also review the redemption options and redeem your Chase Ultimate Rewards points from the app.

In addition to rewards, you can review Chase Offers and add them to your card from the app. These can give you statement credits for purchases at select merchants, but you need to meet the requirements and add the Chase Offer to your card before making the purchase.

Credit and Identity Monitoring Services

You can use the Chase Mobile app to access the free Chase Credit Journey, which can help you track your credit and take steps to protect it. Chase Credit Journey comes with up to $1 million in identity theft insurance and lost wallet services. There are optional free identity monitoring services available to cardholders.

The tool lets you review and monitor your Experian credit report, and a weekly updated VantageScore 3.0 credit score based on your Experian credit report. The monitoring services can automatically alert you to important changes in your credit report and credit accounts. It also breaks down what's impacting your credit score and has a credit score simulator you can use to see how different actions might affect your score.

Spend Tracking

Chase automatically categorizes your credit card purchases and creates spending summaries for each of your cards. To better manage and track your spending, you can update transactions' categories, upload a picture of a receipt that matches the transaction and add notes to each transaction.

The spending summary breaks down your purchase by amount and overall percentage for each category. You can review the results for the current year, the previous years or a specific month to get a sense of how you used your card.

The Chase Snapshot feature can give you a daily, weekly or monthly breakdown of your spending. You can customize the spending report to get an overview of your purchases by category, and choose which cards to include in the snapshot.

Add an Authorized User

If you want to add an authorized user to one of your accounts, you can select the card and then go to the add authorized user page. The process is free, although you'll pay an additional annual fee if you add an authorized user to certain cards.

To add an authorized user, you need their name, date of birth and address. They also need to give you consent to become an authorized user, and you need to confirm that you have a relationship with the person.


The Chase Mobile app is available for Apple and Android devices. Overall, users give the apps positive ratings:

  • Apple App Store: 4.8 stars out of 5 stars (September 2021)
  • Google Play Store: 4.4 stars out of 5 (September 2021)

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Note: The iOS version of the Chase Mobile app was used for this review. Features and capabilities of the app's Android version may differ slightly from what is described here.