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Evictions and unpaid expenses can affect your ability to secure loans or convince landlords to rent to you in the future.

Can an eviction show up on your credit report?

No, evictions are not included on credit reports. However, some tenant screening companies compile their own rental-history reports from other sources that might contain information about evictions. Experian does not provide these reports.

What rental issues could be on your credit report?

  • Collections: If you still owe rent from a previous lease agreement, the amount could be considered a debt after the eviction and could be sold to a collection agency. If it remains unpaid, it could be added to your credit record.
  • Judgements: If the landlord or leasing company filed suit against you for the unpaid amount after an eviction — usually via small claims court — the judgment will appear as a public record in your credit report for seven years from the filing date.

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