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Credit plays an important role in your life – affecting the purchases you make and much more. The more insight you have about credit, the easier it is to strengthen your financial well-being.

Learn how to successfully manage your credit rating and protect against credit fraud.

Credit Myths Debunked: Learning About Credit Misconceptions

May 26, 2015

Conquering bad information is never easy. Learn how financial blogger Kem Washington learned credit truths for herself to build credit confidence. I knew little to nothing about the importance...

3 Must-know Facts about Credit and VA Loans

May 22, 2015

When you need to know more about what your service can do for you when it comes to home ownership, get clued in with these big ideas from Chris...

Video: What Do Lenders See When They Check My Credit?

May 21, 2015

What do lenders see when they request your credit report? It may surprise you to know that it may differ somewhat from what you see when you check your...

Video: What Is a FICO® Score and Why Is It Important?

May 21, 2015

You’ve probably heard of FICO® Scores before, but you may not have understood the value that they can have. Scores by FICO are used by the majority of lenders,...

Video: How Often Is My FICO® Score Updated?

May 21, 2015

FICO® Scores are important pieces of information that reflect your credit standing. But how often can they change – and how often should you check them to be really clued-in...

Video: How Can I Keep My Credit From Getting Damaged?

May 21, 2015

A credit score is a living thing that changes over time and reflects your credit behaviors. The same way you care for your own health, there are simple precautions...

Video: What Is the Difference Between FICO® Scores and Other Credit Scores?

May 21, 2015

FICO® Scores and other credit scores: how do they differ? FICO Scores are used by the majority of lenders, but lenders can consider other credit scores for a variety...

Video: Why Are There Different Credit Scores?

May 21, 2015

Do you think that each person only has one credit score? It’s a common misconception. In reality, there are hundreds of credit scoring models used today. Watch and learn...

Infographic: How Information Gets on Your Credit Report

May 21, 2015

The information that your credit report presents tells others about your credit behaviors. But where does it all come from, and how does it all find its way on your...

How My Credit Paved the Way for the Car I Drive Today

May 19, 2015

Financial blogger Kem Washington shares how a long-term strategy helped her lock in her dream car. As a busy college student light on cash, I had to settle for...

How Long Does Something Stay on My Credit Report?

May 18, 2015

Negative information isn’t something you ever want to see on your credit report. But, sometimes it happens… and it doesn’t just disappear. Information stays visible on your Experian credit...

Audio: How Often is My FICO® Score Updated?

May 14, 2015

How often do your FICO® Scores see updates? That depends on your credit activity, and how often new information is added to your credit report. Listen in to learn...

Audio: Responding to Identity Theft

May 14, 2015

It’s the moment everyone dreads: discovering you’ve become a victim of identity theft. What happens next? Listen in to learn how to respond to the unpleasant discovery with a...

Audio: What’s the Difference Between FICO® Scores and Other Credit Scores?

May 14, 2015

FICO® Scores are incredibly popular among lenders who make credit decisions. Discover more about how FICO Scores are different, and how those differences can help you get where you...

Audio: Is There Only One Credit Score?

May 14, 2015

It’s one of the biggest misconceptions out there: that there’s just one credit score. The truth is that there’s hundreds of different credit scoring models in the marketplace today....

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