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If you’re finding yourself light on credit knowledge, browse our library of audio titles that can help you gain ground in no time, anytime. Listen to interviews with personal finance and credit experts, download on common credit questions and other quick bits of credit information, and learn more in-depth about evolving topics like identity theft and credit fraud.

Now Hear This: Credit Podcasts from Experian

Credit 101: For answers to some of the most common credit questions, join Credit 101 for a play-by-play answer in about a minute. There’s no reason credit needs to be a mystery: arm yourself with useful answers to build your credit confidence and help master your financial future.

Credit Report REPORT: An informative news report with a little bit of fun, the Credit Report REPORT brings you credit and finance straight from the latest headlines. You’ll also learn in just a few minutes what can impact your own credit and finances. As we say on the show, “Whenever credit makes the news, we’ll make it easy to follow.”

Credit Curious: Revealing the lighter side of credit, Credit Curious is a conversational, improvisational Q&A session running about 10-20 minutes. This series features guests from Experian as well as other subject matter experts in various areas that relate to credit and finance. We often include topical and timely survey results, interesting facts, quizzes, credit myths as well as answer real questions from consumers on social media and our members.

Experian Insider: Taking you inside the world of credit, Experian Insider provides in-depth interviews running 10-20 minutes with executives and thought-leaders from Experian and beyond. This series captures big ideas about timely credit topics, so you hear directly from those who know credit, identity protection, and finance. It’s “credit from the insight, out.”

Busting Money Myths and Learning Financial Lessons

October 2, 2017

Check out this podcast where Andrew Schrage joins us to chat about finance education and building

How To Find a Financial Planner Who’s Right For You

September 29, 2017

Check out this podcast where Chad Smith joins us to chat about personal finance. He is a financial advisor at Financial Symmetry.

How You Can Save Money Every Day

September 28, 2017

Josh Elledge joins us to chat about personal savings. Wanting to reduce his family's bills, he became a couponing expert and founded

Unplanned Costs For the Sandwich Generation: Long-Term Care

September 27, 2017

Check out this podcast where Cameron Huddleston joins us to chat about personal finance, long-term care insurance, and finance for children.

What Is Financial Fornication?

September 26, 2017

Check out this podcast where Tarra Jackson joins us to chat about personal finance and her new book, “Financial Fornication” and her website

Why Understanding Credit is Crucial For Small Business Owners

September 25, 2017

Check out this podcast where Gerri Detweiler joins us to chat about small business credit and finance.

The Importance of Being Comfortable With Credit and Finance

September 14, 2017

Check out this podcast where Ashley Jacobs joins us to chat about paying for college, personal finance tips and budgeting.

Audio: Talking College Finances with Zina Kumok from Debt Free After Three

September 12, 2017

Check out this podcast where Zina Kumok from Debt Free After Three joins us to chat about budgeting, paying off debt, and college finances.

Audio: Talking Personal Finance and Credit with Liz Weston

September 7, 2017

Check out this podcast where Liz Weston joins us to chat about personal finance and credit. She is the award-winning author of “Your Credit Score” and a Q&A columnist at MoneyTalk and NerdWallet....

Are You Teaching Your Kids The Right Finance Lessons?

September 5, 2017

Check out this podcast where Samantha Porter joins us to chat about teaching kids about finances, budgeting education, and starting a business as a kid.

Real Estate Investment 101

June 19, 2017

Do you know how real estate can help you achieve financial independence and confidence? Make sure you've got the right information.

Audio: Joint Accounts and Your Credit

June 19, 2017

It’s one of the most common misconceptions about credit: knowing how the finer points of joint accounts work. Many people think that as you start to merge your finances...

4 Financial Readiness Tips for Veterans & Military Families

May 5, 2017

Military service members face unique financial challenges with the nature of their work. Discover tips that can help you save today and plan for the future.

Audio: Securing Your Credit with Experian CreditLock

March 24, 2017

Learn how Experian CreditLock can help bring you greater control and easier access from Director of Product Management Michelle Felice-Steele, and how we hope it can help.

Your Relationship May Be At Risk If You’re Not Talking About This

February 6, 2017

Thinking about conjoining your finances? If your relationship is ready, hear more about when and how others are successfully taking the step.

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