Can I Dispute Information Without Getting a Report from Experian?

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Dear Experian,

I have recently obtained my credit report from my bank and do not need one from Experian. How can I go about disputing an incorrect item on my credit report without receiving an additional report from Experian?


Dear SLG,

You do not need a copy of your Experian report in order to dispute information, although having an Experian credit report may make the process easier by ensuring that the information you see appears in the same order and format as it does for Experian's representatives. Getting a fresh report also ensures that the information in the report is current, which makes the dispute process smoother.

How Can I Dispute Information on my Credit Report?

There are three ways in which you can dispute inaccurate information on your credit report. The first is by submitting your disputes and uploading any documentation at

If you have a current consumer report, directly from Experian, you can simply enter your report number and begin the process. If you do not have a credit report from Experian, we will provide one free. Just enter the information requested.

Submitting your disputes online can be the fastest, easiest and safest method, but you can also dispute information by telephone or by mailing your request to Experian.

For detailed information and tips for disputing, see How to Dispute Credit Report Information.

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