Bank of America Mobile App Review: Robust and Easy to Use

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With the Bank of America mobile app, you can manage your credit card account on the go, along with other financial accounts. If you're a new Bank of America credit card user or you've been with the bank for a while, here's what to know about the bank's mobile app and how to make the most of it.

Key Features of the Bank of America Credit Card Mobile App

The Bank of America mobile app offers simple security features that help you keep your account safe. Once you log in, you can review your spending, make payments, view and redeem rewards, take advantage of cash back offers and more.

Login and Security

Cardholders can log in by entering their login credentials or by enabling biometric features that use either fingerprint or face ID. If the bank notices that someone is trying to log in to your account without your permission, it will notify you.

If you've lost your card or you have reason to believe that someone has stolen it, you can lock your card from the mobile app and even request a replacement.

Account Alerts

Keeping a close eye on your online account is important not only to stay on top of your spending but also to help to prevent credit card fraud, or at least to stop it before it gets out of control.

With the Bank of America mobile app, you can set up account alerts for the following items and more:

  • Unusual card activity
  • Address or phone number has changed
  • Online banking ID or passcode has changed
  • Payment due and payment posted
  • Card charged over a minimum amount
  • Card balance within a set amount of the card limit
  • Cash transaction from card over a certain threshold

You can also set up alerts for your rewards, BankAmeriDeal offers and FICO® Score updates.

Payment Options

When you're ready to make a payment on your credit card, you can do it directly through the mobile app. Simply provide the bank account you want to pay from, the amount and the frequency—you can make just a one-time payment or set other frequencies such as weekly, every two weeks, monthly and more.

You'll need to set a payment date, and you'll have the option to write a note for the payment if you'd like.

If you don't have a Bank of America checking account and haven't set it up already as a pay-from account on your card, you may need to set that up through online banking on your browser as that option doesn't appear in the mobile app.

Reward Redemptions

If you have a rewards credit card with the bank, you can use the mobile app to view and redeem your rewards. You'll be able to view your redemption options, and if there's a minimum redemption amount, you'll see that under your rewards balance.

If you have a cash back card, you'll also have the ability to set up automatic redemptions, which allow you to get automatic deposits into your eligible bank or investment account at the end of every month in which you have at least $25 in rewards. In addition to rewards, you'll also be able to view your card benefits.

Finally, you can view and activate various cash back deals through the BankAmeriDeals program. You can get special cash back offers with select merchants when you add them to your card and make an eligible purchase with the retailer.

Credit Score Access

Bank of America offers all of its customers free access to their FICO credit scores based on TransUnion data.

You can find your score on your account dashboard. The app will show where your score lies on the spectrum between poor and exceptional and will also provide you a readout of the key factors that are impacting your score.

You'll also be able to see how your score has changed over the previous year, as well as how it compares with national averages. Your score in the app is updated monthly.

Spend Tracking

Cardholders can view their spending by month as a whole or broken down into individual categories like transportation, groceries, dining and more. If you have a checking account with the bank, you'll also be able to view your income, other expenses and your monthly surplus for a fuller picture of your spending habits.


  • Google Play Store: 4.6 stars out of 5 (September 2021)
  • Apple App Store: 4.8 stars out of 5 (September 2021)

Use Your Credit Card Mobile App to Stay on Top of Your Account

Having a credit card mobile app makes it easier for you to track your spending on the go, but Bank of America's mobile app goes beyond that by making it easier for you to manage almost every aspect of your account, including maximizing benefits.

For example, if you're out shopping, you can check the app to see if a BankAmeriDeals offer is available at the store you're visiting. You can also double-check your card's benefits in the event that you might want to use one.

It can also be a crucial tool to help you spot fraud before it wreaks havoc on your account. Getting real-time alerts on transactions, login attempts, credential changes and other items on the account can provide you with more peace of mind knowing that if someone does happen to steal your credit card information, you can respond quickly and avoid additional damage.

Note: The Android version of the Bank of America app was used for this review. Features and capabilities of the app on Apple devices may differ slightly from what is described here.