Credit Card Basics

How Does Adding an Authorize User to your Account Affect your Credit?

If you're the primary account holder, simply adding an authorized user to your credit card won't directly affect your credit report or credit scores. But, the way the authorized user utilizes your account could impact your creditworthiness. If they abuse the privilege of being an authorized user, you could find yourself with large debts that you are unable to pay.

If the authorized user makes charges and runs up the balance, you will be responsible for paying those debts. The authorized user is not responsible for the debt on that particular account. They are only authorized to make charges on the account.

If you are going to add an authorized user make sure they are going to be responsible with the card. If the authorized user maxes out the card or charges that exceed the credit limit, it could affect you and your credit history.

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Scoped on: 03/03/2016