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How to Obtain a Deceased Person’s Credit Report

September 12, 2012

Dear Experian, I am the personal representative for my brother's estate. I'm trying to identify his active credit accounts so that I can compile a list of creditors for the...

Individuals Cannot Report Their Own Accounts

September 12, 2012

Dear Experian, How do I submit payment history for an account not listed on my credit report, therefore, adding a new account? - CRT

Impact of Having a Repossession Reinstated

September 12, 2012

Dear Experian, If you have a repossession and then a reinstatement, does the reinstatement help your credit scores? - CBN

The Amount of Revolving Balances is Too High

August 29, 2012

Dear Experian, I would like to clean up my credit, but want to know if it is beneficial to close revolving credit accounts that I am not using or will...

Recent Graduate May Not Have a Credit Report

August 29, 2012

Dear Experian, What should I do if I cannot be found in your system? I am trying to obtain a credit report since I have just graduated college and would...

Contact Information for Medical Collection Accounts

August 29, 2012

Dear Experian, On my credit report there are two collection items. One says Medical Payment Data. The other just says Emergency Physician. I need their contact information, such as address...

The Meaning of “Derogatory Public Record”

August 29, 2012

Dear Experian, My credit score states "time since derogatory public record or collection is too short." What is a “derogatory public record”? - JTR

Discharged Bankruptcy Still Affects Credit Scores

August 15, 2012

Dear Experian, Once a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is discharged, will it still affect my credit score? - ADZ

Foreclosure vs. Paid for Less Than Full Balance

August 15, 2012

Dear Experian, Which has a more negative effect on my credit score, "Account Paid In Full For Less Than the Full Balance" or "Foreclosure"? - ZPT

Paid Accounts Showing on Credit Report

August 15, 2012

Dear Experian, All my credit cards are paid in full and closed but still showing revolving on my credit history. I want to clean up my credit history. What steps...

Account Showing 90 Days Late

August 15, 2012

Account reported for first time shows it is 90 days late Dear Experian, In what instance does a credit profile reflect a 90 day late when it never reflected a 30...

Is It Possible to Owe Debts Not on Your Credit Report

August 1, 2012

Dear Experian, Everything shows on the credit report right? Every debt you owe? I currently have two debt collectors harassing me claiming I owe them money and threatening to sue...