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Insurance Inquiries Do Not Affect Credit Scores

August 12, 2013

Dear Experian, I am shopping for car insurance. All of the insurance companies want to check my credit report. What impact will this have on my credit report? - JNI

The Benefits of Consolidating Student Loans

August 2, 2013

Dear Experian, Does it look bad to lenders checking your credit if student loans show up as several different loans? In other words, why consolidate? - SAR

Reporting Rent Payments Can Help Your Credit Scores

July 31, 2013

Dear Experian, How can I report my rent payments? My landlord does not. - TCR

Removing a fraud alert after verifying you are not a victim

July 17, 2013

Dear Experian, Is it a problem if I do not remove a fraud alert once I have confirmed that no breach was possible? Or do I have to remove the...

Violating Rental Agreement Could Ruin Your Credit

July 17, 2013

Dear Experian, Could a violation of a rental agreement ruin my credit even though I don’t owe any rent? - MST

Removing Ex-Spouse’s Address from Your Credit Report

July 3, 2013

Dear Experian, I had you remove my ex-wife's address from my report, and now it is back on there. I need to know why, and I would like it to...

Dispute Results Letter is Sent Automatically

July 3, 2013

Dear Experian, Can I get a letter about the results of a dispute after the 30 day mark? I am trying to buy a house and they need the letter....

You Will Not Receive a Notice to Remove a Fraud Alert

July 3, 2013

Dear Experian, I have not been contacted to lift a fraud alert on my account to approve a recent credit inquiry. Should I receive a request to remove the alert...

How to Add a Telephone Number to a Fraud Alert

July 3, 2013

Dear Experian, How do I add a telephone number to an extended credit alert? - LKK

Unrecognized Social Security Number Could Indicate Fraud

June 20, 2013

Dear Experian, My Social Security number is reporting incorrectly. How can I get this fixed? - BWR

Cancelling 7-year Fraud Alert to Qualify for Housing Program

June 20, 2013

Dear Experian, How do I cancel a 7-year fraud alert once I create it? I am in the process of looking for new housing and believe I would have to...

Closing a Credit Card Can Hurt Your Credit Score

June 5, 2013

Dear Experian, Why does closing a credit card you are no longer using negatively affect your credit? - VNO