Budgeting & Saving

Audio: Talking College Finances with Zina Kumok from Debt Free After Three

Check out this podcast where Zina Kumok joins us to chat about budgeting, paying off debt, and college finances. She runs and writes about a variety of topics for millennials related to personal finance and budgeting, stemming from her own personal experience of paying off her student loans. features courses that take you through a step-by-step process of how you can pay off your student loans. Paying for college while continuing to enjoy life can seem like a struggle, but Zina is sharing her best tips. This podcast covers:

  • About Zina and her blog, Debt Free After Three
  • How she paid off her loans
  • Sacrifices to pay off loans
  • Traveling and living on a budget
  • Social acceptance with living on a budget
  • An online course available called "Student Loan Knock Out"
  • What Zina wishes she did to pay for college
  • Personal financial coaching
  • Her top finance skill
  • The importance of having a positive mentality with finance and debt

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