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The color of the credit card doesn’t affect credit scores


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Credit Advice

The color of the credit card doesn’t affect credit scores

Dear Experian,

Can you tell me if getting a platinum card will improve my credit as opposed to just a plain credit card?


Dear VLR,

You should take approval for a gold or platinum credit card as a compliment. Receiving one is a sign that you have managed your credit well and that you have been a good customer for the credit card company. Such cards usually have higher credit limits, lower interest rates, and offer additional rewards, such as airline miles, high levels of customer service, cash rewards or other incentives.


But, the color of the card has no impact on credit scores. In fact, it might be the other way around. Your credit score could drive what level of card the company offers.


One significant link, though, to the card designation is the credit limit that you are given. Because they usually have higher credit limits than a standard credit card, you have more available credit, which can result in a lower balance-to-limit ratio. A low balance-to-limit ratio is a sign of good credit management, and so generally improves credit scores.


You can find more about balance-to-limit ratios in previous columns. Just use the search engine on the Ask Max homepage.


Thanks for asking.


- The "Ask Experian" team

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