Experian Affinity

Score Planner

Educate Consumers with Score Planner™

Your customers know they can turn to you to reliably provide the products and services they need. But they may be less confident about other aspects of their financial lives, including how certain behaviors may impact their credit scores.

Guesswork is no way to understand credit. You can help them eliminate the guessing – and deepen their loyalty to your brand – by offering them access to Experian’s Score Planner. What’s more, educating your consumers on the impact certain credit behaviors have on their credit score can increase engagement by boosting their credit intelligence.

How Score Planner Works

By providing customers with valuable credit information, you increase engagement and accentuate your brand’s value as a company that helps people understand how their decisions can impact their financial future.

Score Planner Gives Your Customers:

Projected scores based on 13 common credit scenarios that may impact their credit score, including opening a new mortgage, paying off a car loan or missing a credit card payment

    Easily understandable side-by-side comparisons of credit behaviors and easy-to-navigate levers for credit score estimates
    A deeper understanding of how financial behaviors affect their credit score

With Experian® Affinity, you’ll be able to offer your customers insight into what their lending score could be based on certain credit behaviors, giving them insight into where their credit potentially stands in the marketplace.

Why Experian?

As a recognized, trusted provider of credit information services, Experian provides its partners with valuable features for their members. Partnering with Experian to provide credit education and information to your customers enhances customer engagement and builds your organization’s reputation as a brand that helps consumers understand their credit.