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Credit Report and Scoring

The Brand-building Advantage of Experian Affinity Credit Reporting and Scoring

More than 60% of adults have not reviewed their credit score or their credit report within the past 12 months.1 Consumers crave credit knowledge and recognize the financial empowerment good credit can impart. Yet a need for credit understanding persists in America.

An informed consumer is a better customer. When you partner with Experian┬« Affinity to offer customers access to their credit reports and credit scores, you provide them with empowering information. Better yet, a more insightful and informed consumer often translates to improved credit scores and can increase the purchasing of additional financial products.


A Must in Your Credit Product Suite

By partnering with Experian┬« Affinity, your customers will gain access to their Experian credit report and credit score, as well as a wealth of credit information. You can customize their experience to provide a credit-bureau report and score from all three major credit reporting agencies.

Best of all, you can give them access to VantageScore 3.0 - a credit scoring model recognized by regulators and used by many of the top lenders. Adopted by four of the top five mortgage lenders, and seven out of the top 10 financial institutions, it's the credit score that means more to lenders and borrowers.2


You can feel confident, knowing we're regulated at the same level as respected financial institutions.

As Part of Your Credit-Focused Solution, Your Customers Will Enjoy:

     An easy-to-understand credit report
Their VantageScore, which also considers rent, utility and telecom payments
The ability to sort accounts based on their status (open or closed)
Summary data to help consumers better understand credit information
Direct link to Experian's online dispute guide
Contact information for most credit providers

Raising the Bar

When you partner with Experian┬« Affinity, we support your organization's objectives. You can customize with your own brand or create a co-branded credit reporting and scoring experience for your customers. You'll also enhance your relationship with existing customers and be the differentiator that convinces prospects they want to do business with your organization. Providing customers access to their credit report and score is a win-win all around.

The Experian Advantage for Your Customers

Your company gains scalable products from an experienced organization held to the same regulatory standards as financial institutions.

1. As listed on www.vantagescore.com

2. Number of credit scores delivered to all ECS clients April 1, 2013-March 15, 2014

3. comScore Media Metrix, 2013

4. Number of credit reports delivered April 1, 2013-March 15, 2014. VantageScore is a trademark of VantageScore LLC