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Award-Winning Call Center

Best in Class Call CenterExperian® Affinity is a part of Experian Consumer Services, awarded Best in Class Call Center at the 2013 Call Center Excellence Awards.


Grow Your Revenue With Experian® Affinity

  • Unparalleled loyalty solutions that drive customer engagement and retention
  • Choose from personal credit- and identity-focused solutions, all powered by Experian®
  • Customize a solution that complements your existing product line and speaks to your customers

Give current customers a reason to stay and entice new customers to join, all with a strategic partnership that puts the power and flexibility of Experian on your side. Our industry-leading personal credit and identity protection products are customizable and scalable with features such as Lost Wallet protection, Credit Score Tracker, fraud resolution, credit monitoring and more.

Business Advantages

  • Drive customer loyalty, engagement and retention
  • Expand product line, customer base and demographic reach
  • Maximize revenue potential of both existing and new customers

Customer Gains

  • Financial data at your customers' fingertips to help inform important decision
  • Warning your customers of potential account tampering takeovers, as well as other signs of fraud
  • Personal guidance through every step of fraud resolution to eliminate hassle and headaches

The Partnership Authority

Choosing the right partners is key to the success of any business. A strategic partnership with Experian gives you:

  • Unique customer-oriented loyalty solutions your competitors don’t have
  • Opportunity to diversify services while preserving customer experience and relationships
  •  Advanced branding and platform integration
  • Ability to empower customers to take charge of their credit and identities

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