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Connecting With the True Brown Consumer

This consumer segment is not environmentally conscious and may in fact have negative attitudes about the Green movement. True Browns represent an opportunity for marketers. Those who know how to connect with True Browns today are more likely to foster long-term relationships with these consumers. Then, as True Browns migrate to the environmentally friendly segments, marketers will benefit from enhanced brand loyalty and support.

True Browns are ambitious and status-driven adults who value entertainment and social life. Self-confident, they value individualism and self-discovery. They also have to make decisions quickly and prefer everything to be accessible, quick and easy. Interestingly, 60 percent of them express concern about the future of our environment.

Segment Snapshot
  • Mainly young, established adults
  • Education ranges from high school through postgraduate studies
  • High income
  • Typically single or married
  • Likely to own their homes
  • Conservative

Shopping Behavior impulse shoppers

Leisure target shooting, softball, golf, hunting, billiards, fishing, baseball, weight training

Geography East Central, West Central, Southwest, South

The True Browns consumer group consists of 34 million people and represents 11 percent of the total adult population. It is the smallest of the four segments, and there is a downhill trend, indicating that consumers in this group are moving into one of the other three environmental segments as ecological consciousness grows.

How to reach them - Marketers who desire to reach True Brown consumers will be best served by presenting their cases with a quick, easy and accessible approach. Product and service information should offer unambiguous, concise calls to action. Marketers also should consider using multiple media channels to influence a True Brown.