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Reach Consumers Who Think Green

This marketing segment is concerned about the future of the environment. According to Experian’s GreenAwareSM, a segmentation system based on environmentally relevant measurements, over the past three years the number of Think Greens, consumers who think Green but do not necessarily act Green, has increased by more than 4 million.

Think Greens have an active role in their health, trying to stay active and eat healthy. Home is important to them; they like to make their place homey and spend time decorating and remodeling. Their children are grown up so they have more free time to pursue their interests. They like to travel and continue learning.

Segment Snapshot
  • Established and midlife adults
  • College graduate or higher degree
  • High income
  • Typically married
  • Likely to own their homes
  • Liberal or conservative

Shopping Behavior - brand loyalists and informed consumers

Leisure - bicycling (mountain or road), bird watching, golf, antique shopping, woodwork and gardening

Geography - Pacific and West Central

This consumer group consists of 48 million adults and represents 22 percent of the total adult population - or twice the market share as True Browns, the least environmental and most distrustful of Green causes.

What Think Green consumers believe
  • Each person has an obligation to be environmentally responsible
  • Ecofriendly products should have practical value
  • Our actions affect the environment
  • Environmentally friendly products cost more

As more companies join the Green movement, the products and services they provide will help convert those consumers who may only be thinking but not acting Green.

How to reach them - In reaching out to Think Green consumers, marketers are best served by a strategy that contains a strong educational component. Providing information to these people while they are still early in the evaluation process is more likely to yield brand loyalty when they move to the purchase phase. Traditional media outlets such as direct marketing will fulfill a Think Green’s desire to understand.