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Prime Middle America

Once you know who your customers are, you can use Mosaic® in your acquisition campaigns to target your best prospects by selecting from mailing lists such as "Prime Middle America." Based on the key and top-performing Mosaic segments, you'll deliver targeted advertising that is correlated to specific consumers' demographic and lifestyle classifications. Here is information on the households in our "Prime Middle America" mailing list.


A mix of young, upper-middle-class couples and families living in both small towns and midsize cities. These traditionalists are predominantly white, living in dual-income households.

3.52 percent of U.S. households

  • Have well-paying have white-collar and blue-collar jobs
  • Work in transportation, manufacturing and public administration
  • Own their own homes
  • Are nearly twice as likely to live in mobile homes than the national average
  • Have small-town, family-centered lives, with activities such as playing cards and board games
  • Are do-it-yourselfers who buy supplies from stores such as Lowe's and True Value Hardware
  • Describe themselves as less interested in new fashions than in the latest high-tech gadgets
  • Pursue outdoor pastimes such as fishing, biking and swimming at a lake
  • Afford a wide range of mortgages, home-equity loans and college savings plans
  • Drive SUVs and pickup trucks
  • Enjoy a variety of media and gathering around their large-screen televisions
  • Use the Internet for services like games, banking and auctions for antiques and collectibles
  • Are fans of country music, classic rock and contemporary hits
  • Watch reality shows, sports and cable (MTV, FX, Discovery and Country Music Television)
  • Read established magazines, such as Woman's World, Field & Stream and Parents

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