Reach Middle-Class Melting Pot Households

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Middle-Class Melting Pot


Middle-class Melting Pot are mostly married, middle-aged people without children living in suburban neighborhoods. Many of their homes were built during the postwar baby boom, but these couples aren't the original owners. Most Middle-class Melting Pot have lived at their current address for fewer than five years, having moved to their comfortable homes to ease quietly into middle age. Nearly two-thirds are between the ages of 35 and 50. More than 80 percent have no children at home. These predominantly white households include above-average concentrations of divorced and widowed individuals. Most are empty-nesting couples concentrating on their careers and relaxed lifestyles.

Market Size

5.76 percent of U.S. households

Key Traits

Active digital users Sensible
Sports activities Casual
Contented Optimists
Multi-cultural Unpretentious
Middle-age couples and families Active leisure lifestyles


Digital Media Behavior

Middle-class Melting Pot are only average users of digital media. They're late adopters of most technology and have yet to give up their desktop computers for smartphones and laptops in order to access the Internet. Many use the Internet as a communications tool, going online for chat forums, message boards, podcasts and instant messaging. They also frequent Websites that provide news, business classifieds, real estate listings and sports information of all stripes: fishing, football, car racing or fantasy baseball. They haven't completely embraced online shopping yet, exhibiting only an average tendency to research products and make purchases over the Internet.