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Aspirational Fusion


Aspirational Fusion are a transient group, with younger, singles and single parents in low-income neighborhoods. Concentrated in older, industrial areas, members of this group are drawn to the affordable, fixer-upper apartments where housing values are 40 percent below average. In the group's two segments, nearly three-quarters are under the age of 45, and nine out of ten households contain unmarried individuals. With nearly two-thirds of these households containing single parents, this group reflects the recent lifestyle trend of unmarried couples living together, especially among younger people who feel they are not ready for the financial commitment expected in marriage. Many are trying to raise families on low incomes and tight budgets.

Market Size

2.92 percent of U.S. households

Key Traits

Young Singles Ethnically Divers
Satellite city renters Modest social lifestyles
Community active Discount shoppers
Materialist aspirations Unpretentious
Budget-minded Moderate digital usage


Digital Media Behavior

With their modest incomes and educations, Aspirational Fusion represent only a moderate digital market. However, many of these city-based minorities are big fans of telephony and access the Internet through their cell phones. They tend to go online for practical purposes, such as finding a job, an educational program or a car. Many also use the Internet for entertainment and social networking, and their favorite Websites include, and