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Second City Homebodies

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Financially conservative, dual-working, middle-aged couples and families in a variety of small satellite cities. Most likely to be found along both coasts in places such as Virginia Beach, VA; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; and Portland, OR.

0.74 percent of U.S. households

  • Inhabit a prosperous world, settled into established homes built around 1975
  • Are educated - split evenly between college grads and those who completed some college
  • Are well-paid, with white-collar jobs (retail, real estate, education and public administration)
  • Are baby boomers, with above-average numbers of both whites and Asians
  • Need two wage earners to meet the needs of their upscale lifestyles
  • Lead flourishing lifestyles and are mature, financially conservative and financially secure
  • Like to relax at home but enjoy leisurely and outdoor activities
  • Have an inclination for camping, backpacking, bicycling, golf and tennis
  • Enjoy visiting museums and attending concerts and dance performances
  • Prefer to travel abroad for vacations
  • Stock up on fat-free products, sparkling water and fresh fish
  • Like to be the first on the block to buy new tech gadgets at stores like Best Buy
  • Are more likely to go to smaller specialty retailers for the designer fashions they prefer
  • Save their money for college and retirements plans
  • Invest in a variety of stocks, corporate bonds and mutual funds
  • Are eclectic media consumers of newspapers, television, radio and the Internet
  • Watch comedy, sports and arts programs on channels like ESPN, HBO, Showtime and Bravo
  • Regularly watch "Scrubs," "Will & Grace" and "Seinfeld" - no matter if they are reruns
  • Have wide intellectual interests - reading about science, travel and entertainment in the paper
  • Like to go online to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and technology
  • Surf newspaper and shopping Web sites and listen to online contemporary radio stations