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Make It Easy to Become a Green Consumer

This consumer segment neither thinks nor behaves along particularly environmentally conscious lines. However, 71 percent of them express concern over the future of our environment. Over the past three years, the number of Potential Greens has decreased by more than 14 million, yet this is the largest of the four GreenAwareSM segments.

The Potential Greens segment is also the youngest GreenAware group. They are still into self-discovery. Always on the go, they multitask, are busy with life and like to be up to date. They are tech-savvy and always looking for the next upgrade. This is a perfect group for marketers to “show the way” to become Green.

Segment Snapshot
  • Mainly young, diverse adults
  • Education ranges from high school through some college
  • Below-average income
  • Typically single or divorced
  • Likely to rent
  • Shopping Behavior - up-to-date with the latest electronic products
  • Leisure - kickboxing, archery, baseball, basketball, auto racing and hunting
  • Geography - South, Southeast, Southwest
  • This consumer group consists of 71 million adults and represents 36 percent of the total adult population.
What Potential Green consumers believe
  • Packaging for products ought to be recycled
  • People have a responsibility to use recycled products

How to reach them - Get your message to Potential Greens via traditional advertising, such as direct mail, periodicals, radio and transit.