New Horizons Issue 5 October 2009

Positioning your organization for a successful future

SF Police Credit Union

In 2009, SF Police Credit Union (SFPCU) partnered with consultants at Experian to implement a risk-based pricing program that incorporates the credit union’s traditional values with highly developed and effective pricing strategies. Headquartered in San Francisco since 1953, the credit union remains strong and competitive amid the difficulties facing many financial institutions in a down economy.

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Emerging credit card trends in today’s volatile marketplace
The last edition of New Horizons spotlighted trends in the mortgage industry. Another hot topic of late has been credit cards. According to the Experian-Oliver Wyman Market Intelligence reports for the second quarter of 2009, several ...

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Re-evaluating your collections techniques
You would not set a primary cutoff score and never re-evaluate it, would you? Would you select risk- based pricing tiers and interest rates and never give them a second glance? The answer is no. You also would not select one collections ...

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Score migration: understanding your account holders’ credit health
Many clients pull refreshed data on their booked accounts, including an updated risk score. You may be wondering why this piece of information is helpful. In today’s economic environment, financial institutions need to monitor ...

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