New Horizons Issue 6 March 2010

Quantify your portfolio risk

Allegacy Federal Credit Union
The phrase "staying the course" does not mean being inflexible at Allegacy Federal Credit Union. In fact, in the Consumer Lending area, “staying the course” stands for being diligent in monitoring the credit scoring system while continuing to improve processes and procedures.

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Identifying and reacting to changes in your portfolio
Many institutions have seen changes in their portfolios as a result of economic turmoil. Identifying and reacting to these changes are vital to a successful lending program. Portfolio changes can be addressed in two key areas: new applicants and existing loans.

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Score migration: a way to monitor portfolio performance
Times are changing for financial institutions. With a double-digit national unemployment rate, a severe recession and new credit lending laws that took effect in February, institutions need to be more vigilant.

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How well do you really know your applicants?
Organizations spend a great deal of time and resources developing and marketing products to the applicant base they think they know only to find the relationship has not met their expectations.

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