Decisioning as a ServiceSM increases revenue and reduces losses

Roger Ahern
Senior Director of Experian’s Decisioning as a ServiceSM capabilities

With increased competition and the tighter credit and regulatory environment, it has become critical to employ the most advanced data, analytics and decisioning tools to compete for customers, grow revenue, reduce losses and stay in compliance.
Decisioning as a Service can deliver these advanced capabilities through existing credit bureau connections. That means that in addition to receiving credit bureau data, you also can receive attributes, scores and decisions as part of the credit bureau inquiry process.

Decisioning as a Service can be used to support better decisions across the Customer Life Cycle, from prospecting and acquisition to customer management and collections.

As our clients look to aggressively grow revenue, we are seeing the greatest amount of interest in the following decision areas:

  • Instant Prescreen. Also known as cross-sell or prescreen of one, a “behind-the-scenes” process that screens consumers for a firm offer of credit without their knowledge
  • Prequalification. A real-time credit screen allowing clients to match consumers
    to loan products they may qualify for, without impacting their credit score
  • Instant Credit. Automated credit underwriting and fraud assessment supported by industry-leading analytical and decisioning capabilities

To learn more on how Decisioning as a Service can help you grow revenue and reduce losses, watch Experian’s new Decisioning as a Service video.


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