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Gain deeper insight into behavioral trends to target the most profitable customers

Today, lenders are beginning to open up credit to qualified customers, but it is difficult to know who will be most profitable and who will present the greatest risk. Portfolio managers know it is vital to redefine their policies and practices in attracting and retaining creditworthy customers. By understanding a consumer’s past behavior, lenders can gain deeper insight into behavioral trends to better develop a road map for the future.

Gain new insight into your customers

Trended data focuses on both short-term and long-term changes. Short-term changes include the last one, two and three months. Longer periods can include six, nine, 12 and 24 months. Experian TAPSSM (Total Annual Plastic Spend) is an example of a new service that is part of Experian’s ongoing effort to partner with lenders and consumers by creating products for responsible lending and credit use. Experian TAPS estimates a consumer's spend on credit cards over the past 12 months, allowing lenders to quantify the amount of discretionary spending consumers have across all of their credit cards.

With this unique trended information, lenders can then customize credit offerings based on consumer use, create new value propositions and gain valuable business insight into how to maximize a range of rewards programs. Additionally, Experian TAPS can help assign the right credit line to not only mitigate risk, but also to encourage activation and enhance profitability.

Partnering for responsible credit use

Experian TAPS is one product in a full suite of Experian’s Trended SolutionsSM capabilities. No other market products and services can quantify the magnitude and direction of change like Experian’s Trended Solutions, which is designed specifically to bring even further insight into the specifics of a consumer's credit history.

You can learn more about Experian's Trended Solutions by taking advantage of the resources below, or you can contact your Experian account executive for more information.

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Customers don’t have equal value. The ability to differentiate beyond a risk assessment is vital to providing better service, offering superior rewards, granting higher credit lines and managing profitability.
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