Prospecting tools for a new lending landscape

The new year is proving to be a time of opportunity for credit marketers who are focused on growing their portfolios by expanding the marketable universe.

Over the past few years, lenders put the brakes on extending credit to all but the most creditworthy individuals. Now that the economy is recovering, the prime and super-prime consumer segments are saturated with offers and shrinking in volume. Because growth strategies must employ methods to market to near-prime consumers, lenders are implementing new strategies to grow portfolios by expanding their marketable universe from prime to a variety of near-prime targets.

It’s a new frontier in 2012
Lenders are hungry for responsible growth, and there is built-up demand for financing. This new lending landscape demands better tools, data and analytics to help lenders and consumers bridge the gap. To do this, Experian® has been working on products and services that offer a framework for lenders to start confidently growing their portfolios again within different risk categories by looking at more dimensions around consumer behavior.

From testing near-prime segments to evaluating channel expansion strategies, lenders are looking at a variety of methods to acquire new accounts. Our portfolio growth strategies feature internal process enhancements, product diversification, and precise underwriting and account management techniques that use new data assets and analytics to help you mitigate risk and identify the most profitable target populations.

Learn more about growth strategies for today’s consumer market
Experian can help you identify the best strategy to grow and develop your acquisition objectives. We have the expertise to help you confidently market to the near-prime segment and employ new methods for evaluating and enhancing your Web-based acquisition campaigns.

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Universe Expansion: Growth strategies for today's consumer market. View our webinar and learn how to redefine your credit marketing strategy to target a wider range of new prospects.
Trends in portfolio management white paper

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Expand your marketable universe. Credit marketers who evaluate the right data assets to supplement targeting efforts will emerge quickly over the next 18 months as leaders in portfolio growth. The key is getting the right product to the right consumer at the most appropriate time.

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