Early adopter clients introduced to new Decision Analytics platform

At a time when competition for profitable customers is fierce — whether your business is focused on portfolio growth or acquiring customers in a new market segment — you need more than the credit profile and the behavior of a single account to make better, more informed decisions. You need to combine analytical insights into the full value of your customer relationships with decision systems that provide flexibility, agility, control and insight. Only this combination of analytics and decision systems will allow your business to grow and create long-term customer loyalty.

A select group of clients across North America and globally have been a part of a program that introduced Experian's new Decision Analytics platform. The component-based decision management software provides companies with advanced capabilities to manage decisions in today's increasingly dynamic credit environment.  Clients found that the software offered enhanced strategy design capabilities, streamlined processes for adding new data, and integrated analytical and performance monitoring techniques that will enable them to quickly test, refine, execute and monitor decision strategies with ease.  

  • A large U.S. card issuer said the overall functionality — which includes a more flexible content repository for existing strategies as well as monitoring and assisted strategy design capabilities — is not only an advancement over what the company has today, but it also will support its push for efficiencies in the integration of new decision capabilities.
  • A large global financial company commented that the unified platform supports more efficient decision rule management across the nearly one billion applications processed each year around the world. The client went on to say that the platform would decrease its internal learning curve, better facilitate testing, and reduce overall errors in the creation and deployment of new strategies.

All clients said that this functionality will allow them to identify performance trends and respond to changing customer behavior and market climates with greater speed, flexibility, and resource efficiency and implementation quality. We believe creating profitable customers in today's market requires having more insight, agility, flexibility and control over each customer decision.

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