Unlock the Power of Historical Credit Data

Experian's Trended Solutions help you enhance the profitability of your portfolio

Without a doubt, it’s a challenge for lenders to manage credit risk. As a result of the economic downturn and the unexpected slow recovery, along with continued regulatory overhead and uncertainty, the strategies that worked in the past do not provide the type of financial insight that lenders must have today to succeed. 

Portfolio managers need to redefine their policies and practices to attract and retain profitable customers. Understanding a consumer’s past behavior is crucial to developing a strategy for the future.

Make better decisions with deeper behavioral transparency
The value of using trended data is it allows you to get the full picture of your portfollio.  Both short-term changes – the last one, two and three months – and an extended view, six, nine, 12 and 24 months. This trended data offers deeper behavioral transparency to aid in targeting or underwriting decisions.

One of the newest solutions offered by Experian, uses a customer’s trended credit data to estimate an individual’s annual spend on each credit and charge card. It then aggregates those trade lines to provide a full view of an individual’s discretionary spending power.

Eliminate data warehouse snapshots
In addition to gaining better business insight into your consumers, Experian’s Trended Solutions offers turnkey benefits, including:

  • Time and expense savings – there’s no need to maintain a large data warehouse or match monthly updates on a database.
  • Improved accuracy – the data is captured at a tradeline level; the detail is not lost; it’s also updated monthly so every cycle is captured.
  • Simplicity – Experian manages the overhead and complexity of calculating and aggregating across time, the results are simple to integrate variables similar to a score or attribute.

With Experian’s suite of Trended Solutions, instead of making decisions based on a score or snapshot of a consumer profile, you can consider the magnitude and direction of change on all of a consumer’s obligations to maximize your profit and make the best lending decisions.

You can learn about Trended Solutions here, or contact your Experian Account Executive for more information at 1 888 521 4022.

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