ISSUE 11 | July 2011

Dear Client,

Because I meet with clients every day, I know that the core focus in the marketplace has shifted to growing and expanding your marketable universe. This involves finding strategic growth opportunities by targeting a variety of near-prime segments — consumers who haven’t been targeted for the past three years. This is a concrete opportunity, allowing you to act quickly and stay at the forefront of this trend, ahead of your competition.

This quarter, I have included an article to help you grow your portfolio, despite a competitive consumer-lending marketplace. Also, in response to the upcoming business requirements from the CFPB, I have included information on how to structure a successful compliance program. Lastly, with the number of strategic defaulters increasing, I am sharing with you our latest market insights, analytics and new research that will help you understand this segment’s next move before you extend an offer.

We are excited to work with you to drive your success. Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter and giving us the opportunity to add value to your business.
The Consumer Financial Protection Agency Will Stand In A Few Days -- Are You Ready?
The CFPB will become an official agency on July 21, with many new regulatory priorities for consumer lenders. Learn what the CFPB's top priorities are for credit cards and mortgages…
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Expanding The Marketable Universe
In 2010, credit marketers focused on testing new acquisition strategies. In 2011, credit marketers are implementing learnings from those tests.
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Strategic Default Behavior
Identify suspected strategic default behavior to improve lending and account management strategies
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Clear trends are emerging that show credit challenged purchased title-branded vehicles at a significantly higher rate than customer with prime and super-prime credit.
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Turning the corner on a slow, but steady recovery
US retail sales continue to increase for the 10th straight month.
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Recent data breaches bring increased scrutiny from policymakers
The high-profile data breaches in recent months not only left millions of consumers vulnerable to the threat of identity theft, but also brought data security to the top of the agenda in Washington.
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Businesses are expanding their lending landscape while keeping risk to a minimum.
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Positive rental history can help many renters rebuild their credit scores. As of December, 2010, Experian® is now incorporating positive rental data from its RentBureau® division.
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Client Corner
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Find out where your city ranks? Experian’s State of Credit Map highlights American cities with the highest and lowest average credit scores
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Experian Webinar

Join Experian for a detailed look at home equity lending trends across markets and risk sectors to determine where new opportunities as well as continued risks exist. Areas of focus will include:
  • Understanding consumer behaviors in the context of economic trends
  • Evaluating the overall performance of the home equity lending market
  • Implications to your business decisions in 2011 and beyond
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Are You Ready for the CFPB? Three Ways It Will Change Your Business
by Jeremy Hancock

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is a new regulatory agency that is still evolving. But even now it's clear that it will have unprecedented powers with a broad reach across industries. Although there are questions about how the CFPB will operate, there are steps you can take to prepare.
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Precision Targeting Today and Tomorrow
by Jackie Maybaum

The end of 2010 was a transitional time for credit card lenders. Card issuers were faced with the need to jump-start "return to growth strategies" as a result of diminished profits stemming from the great recession and all of the credit tightening actions deployed over the last two years.
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Experian's Income InsightSM
In a recent analysis, conducted with one of the nation's largest collection agencies, Experian's Income InsightSM provided a greater degree of accuracy in identifying recoverable accounts resulting in a return of approximately $8 for every $1 spent.
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PriorityScore for CollectionsSM
A leading Accounts Receivable Management/Collection Agency selects Experian's PriorityScore for Collections to help power their future growth. As a result, 65% of all dollars collected in the top 15% scoring accounts, resulting in $6M more dollars collected in the top 15% scoring accounts.
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Experian launches Pay it Forward program and offers free business credit management tools in honor of National Small Business Week
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