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Positive rental history can help renters looking to rebuild their credit scores due to a foreclosure or a bankruptcy

As of December 2010, Experian® began incorporating positive rental data from its RentBureau® business. The RentBureau data is added as a standard rental tradeline and is available on a consumer’s credit profile. Experian is the only major credit reporting agency that has access to this unique data, which is collected through a network of property management companies across the United States.
The availability of this data allows credit grantors to:

  • Expand their base of underserved consumers who were previously unscoreable and part of the thin-file or “no hit” population
  • More effectively predict the likelihood of future delinquency through enhanced scores such as VantageScore®
  • Gain insight into a borrower’s total monthly obligations
  • Develop a comprehensive picture of their risk exposure, helping identify retention opportunities within existing accounts

Positive rental history can help many renters who trying to rebuild their credit scores due to financial hardship.
Rental trades will appear on consumers’ credit report under:

  • Account type code — “29” for rental trades
  • KOB type — “RR” for property management companies
  • Portfolio type — installment

For more information on our rental payment data, visit Experian.com or contact your local Experian representative by calling
1 888 414 1120.

Read our recent press release:
Experian becomes the first and only major credit reporting agency to include residential rental payment data in credit reports
Renters now have the opportunity to establish or rebuild credit to qualify for credit products and services

Note: Credit grantors that are already using an alternative method (e.g., manual entry, etc.) to capture rental payment data for ability-to-pay calculations could erroneously double-count a borrower’s rental obligation when also using the rental trade data available through an Experian Credit Profile. This may adversely impact the borrower’s ability to obtain credit. To prevent double-counting, it is important that credit grantors identify potential gaps in their processes and introduce measures necessary to address those gaps.

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