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Proactively react — a new approach to targeting consumers

Creditworthy consumers are beginning to receive offers again from lenders who wish to grow their portfolios while reducing risk. How can you maximize your marketing return on investment by managing your overall mail cost while targeting consumers who are most likely to respond and be profitable? 

The answer is Experian's ExpressScreenSM with In the Market ModelsSM, a new product to help you identify these key consumers and proactively and reactively extend credit to them. 

What makes this data-rich, event-based tool, with proven criteria levels and industry risk scores, so valuable? It’s timely, insightful, and cost-efficient with fast turnaround. Programs can be ready for deployment within three days. This means you can get ahead of the competition by timing your campaign and mailing the right offer to the right prospects who are most likely to respond.

ExpressScreen with In the Market Models combine:

  • Experian’s propensity models that identify consumers who are likely to open a specific type of loan within the next four months. Industry lenders can select from models that address auto, bankcard, home equity, mortgage, personal lines and loans, retail and student lending.
  • Fresh and timely trigger information to identify consumers who are currently shopping for a loan.

Find out how Experian's ExpressScreen with In the Market Models can help maximize your prospecting efforts. Contact your Experian account executive at 1 888 414 1120 to learn more.

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