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Making better business decisions — Tap into Experian's Decisioning Guide
Are you taking full advantage of the data you capture and share daily to improve key areas of your business? Every day, data is created from various business systems, customer relationships, partner and supplier interactions, and Web-based experiences. Finding ways to tap into and analyze that data can help you make better decisions that support the profitability of your operations.

Experian’s comprehensive Decisioning Guide identifies 19 types of decisions that can be improved with data, analytics and decisioning software. The guide describes an approach to identify, prioritize and implement decisioning improvement initiatives that will maximize value for your organization.

As part of our research, Experian® also has identified 15 business metrics that can have a direct, positive impact on both your company’s bottom line and shareholder value.

The guide is based on Experian’s decisioning expertise as well as best practices gained through hundreds of client implementations. It explains how to identify and prioritize the decision areas that will generate positive business impact. It also will help readers calculate an expected return on improved business decisions.

Download your complimentary copy of Experian’s Decisioning Guide. For more information on how Experian can help you make business improvements, contact your local Experian sales representative or call 1 888 414 1120.

An improvement to which of the following decision areas would generate the greatest business impact at your company?

Improved prospecting decisions
Improved customer acquisition decisions
Improved customer management decisions
Improved collections decisions
Improved fraud management decisions

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