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Enhanced prospect marketing efforts increase return on investment
With the economy slowly rebounding, more consumers are once again hungry for credit. But how do you know whether they’ll be profitable customers or costly risks?

The profile of consumers in various risk bands has changed over the past 18 months. Add to that tighter lending criteria due to the Credit Card Act of 2009, and the competition for qualified borrowers is heating up.

However, lenders wishing to make the best credit decisions can’t rely on the old methods of evaluating consumers by simply using a risk score to identify creditworthiness. Lenders also must look at additional credit information above and beyond a risk score to acquire new customers.

Experian can help financial services companies maximize their marketing dollars by providing proven new market-targeting tools and services. Using consumer-level data analysis, these tools will help determine each consumer’s attitude, timing and use by product to more accurately assess their responsiveness to a given product as well as their ability to pay.

There are significant opportunities to grow your lending portfolio and cross-sell by targeting consumers based on need, attitudes and their behaviors. Using our best practices, Experian can help you maximize your marketing spend by targeting the most responsive consumers with messages that resonate and motivate customers to act.

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