Fraudulent Emails Claiming to be From Experian

Experian is aware of a scam in which fraudulent emails are claiming to be from "Experian" (credit.report@experian.com). This email is in no way associated with Experian. DO NOT OPEN THIS EMAIL OR ITS ATTACHMENT. DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY.

The email is a very convincing replica of an Experian alert. A critical difference is that Experian never includes attachments in its emails to members, and does not send email alerts to non-members. Additionally, Experian members should note that the membership ID number is incorrect and non-members would not have an Experian member ID, which would clearly be a warning sign. Consumers are warned that this is a fraudulent alert. Investigators from Experian's Global Security Office are working with the appropriate parties to uncover the source of these fraudulent emails.

[Last updated: January 18, 2014]