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Leverage analytics and insights for deeper audience intelligence


Knowing who your customers really are is the first step to marketing more effectively

Data, segmentation, analytics: this is the modern marketer's toolkit to understanding their best customers. Are you making the best use of these critical marketing utilities? Understanding your customers' behavior and preferences at the one-to-one level requires more time and effort than ever – and Experian is here to help.

Combine your customer data with Experian Marketing Services and achieve a complete 360 degree profile of each of your customer segments to drive smarter marketing strategies.

Experian’s ConsumerViewâ„  database fuels our clients’ customer-centric strategies. With coverage on 126 million households and 300 million individuals, marketers use our data to enrich the profiles of their customers and layer in a deeper understanding of who their ideal audience truly is. With over 3000 attributes on any given US consumer, enabling better brand experiences starts with putting data behind your decision making.

Mosaic® USA Lifestyle Segmentation system zooms out to show marketers what the consumer landscape is made of. Consisting of 19 overarching groups and 71 more granular types of US consumers, mapping your best customers against Mosaic not only provides you with the knowledge on what groups and types are best representative of your customers but a fundamental understanding of those groups and types themselves.

Marketing analytics offers marketers the data that drives confident strategies. From profiling and understanding your best customers and developing prospect models based on those best-customer profiles to closing the loop on your campaigns with measurement and ROI analysis – Experian’s data and analytics expertise provide marketers with insights that inspire confidence. Contact us today to get started on better understanding your best customers and prospects.



Learn more about your customers and grow your business.

Data Clique partnered with Experian Marketing Services to give a national fitness chain an exercise in driving new memberships through identifying their best customers.

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