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Single Customer View


Identify and target
your best customers

Identify and Target your best customers

Leverage Experian’s large database to improve your marketing and sales efforts. Utilize our high quality data that’s updated regularly to discover new revenue opportunities.

Consumer Data Consumer Data

Accelerate your marketing efforts with data on 299 million consumers and 116 million households.

Lifestyle Segmentation Lifestyle Segmentation

Mosaic USA lifestyle segmentation empowers marketers with the insights needed to anticipate the behavior, attitudes and preferences of their most profitable customers and reach them in the most effective channels with the best messages.

Display Advertising Display Advertising

Experian Marketing Services’ Audience IQ is a digital advertising platform that allows marketers to utilize consumer data within display advertising for more relevant messaging.

Facebook Advertising Facebook Advertising

Achieve the best Facebook campaign performance at the lowest cost. Alchemy Social is specifically designed to let you launch and manage hundreds of campaigns quickly.

Cross-Channel Audience Creation Cross-Channel Audience Creation

Through our unique and proprietary linkage technology, Experian can connect your customer records, transactional records and our unparalleled consumer data to all meaningful online and offline advertising channels.

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