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Axcess Financial
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Display advertising

Marketers need reliable audience data, accurate and actionable segmentation, scalability and high-quality creative development in order to lay the groundwork for successful online advertising campaigns. Leveraging Experian Marketing Services’ Audience IQ data, audience development expertise and advanced media capabilities, marketers can seamlessly integrate highly targeted and relevant display advertising into their cross-channel marketing programs.

Customize display ads for greater customer relevance and response:
  • Efficiently align display messaging with your email, mobile and social campaigns through centralized cross-channel campaign management
  • Target existing customers with retention-based display ads that support your brand’s message and offer multiple ways for them to engage
  • Integrate cross-channel customer data and Experian Marketing Services’ rich consumer insights into display advertising to microtarget online audiences and create value-based segmentation strategies for more cost-effective display media bidding
  • Track customer interactions across channels to target those who don’t open or respond to your email, mobile or direct mail messages with more eye catching offers via display advertising
  • Integrate display response into cross-channel customer database, campaign performance metrics and future campaign triggering and targeting in other channels

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