Leveraging Mosaic® in the Digital Marketplace

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As marketers, we’re often tasked with decoding the customer journey. We recognize that there’s more to the buyer journey than mapping channel touchpoints and measurement data. Today’s consumer not only expects brands to understand their unique path to purchase, but also to provide them with relevant 1:1 interactions across channels.

Take, for example, two customers that are demographically identical. Side-by-side, they may share characteristics such as a common age, marital status and household income. Should you assume that you can engage them using the same messaging and positioning? In reality, one may prefer high-end apparel while the other prefers more frugal shopping, and one may be interested in the arts and traveling while the other is a sports enthusiast. At the end of the day, both of their buyer journeys will be unique, which means you should be treating them differently.

How do you account for these changes in customer behavior? More importantly, how do you effectively reach these two customers across channels with relevant messaging?

This webinar will cover:

  • An introduction to the Mosaic segmentation system
  • A demonstration of the Mosaic portal
  • Use cases for leveraging Mosaic in the digital marketplace

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