Intelligent interactions. Every time.


Intelligent interactions. Every time.

Today’s customers are hyperconnected, empowered, dynamic and complex. They live in an always-on, “right now” world, where convenience and choice are necessities and information travels faster than ever before. 

Experian Marketing Services helps global brands intelligently connect with their best customers through high-quality data and insights, precision targeting and a fully integrated cross-channel marketing platform.

Let us help you find your best customers and interact with them in their preferred channels to drive brand advocacy and revenue. Every time.

Here’s what leading brands and innovative marketers have to say about creating intelligent interactions, every time.

Intelligent interactions. Every time.


Meet Dana

Meet Dana
Dana is our representation of today’s empowered and dynamic consumer. She lives in an always-on, right-now world, where convenience and choice are necessities and information travels faster than ever before.

To intelligently interact with your Dana every time, you must know what she wants before she asks and where she is going across channels before she gets there.

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The four cornerstones of Intelligent interactions. Every time.

Consumer insights

Engaging today’s complex consumers requires a deep understanding of who they are, what they do, what motivates them and where they spend their time — both online and offline. For performance-driven marketers, this requires applying consumer insight to design, plan and execute programs that are engaging, personalized and relevant.

By integrating behavioral and attitudinal data into their programs, marketers can gain a more vivid and complete understanding of how consumers think and what they do in a multichannel, multicultural world. By linking this intelligence to targeted consumer segments, marketers create actionable insights, which results in smarter decision making and superior brand experiences.


Truly intelligent interactions are possible only when marketers are able to accurately identify and target their best customers and prospects through linkage, data enhancement, modeling and analytics.

Connecting offline, online, first-party and third-party data sets — as well as enhancing customer files with contact listing information, email address, phone number and other disparate data sets — can help brands gain a single, integrated and comprehensive view of their customers.

Once this is achieved, marketers can unlock the potential of their data management platforms and engage customers across channels with more targeted, personalized and integrated offers.

Data quality

Savvy marketers know that successful cross-channel marketing starts with accurate data. To create intelligent interactions every time, marketers need to be able to validate, understand and link customer information across channels and systems. This effort should leverage capabilities like contact data verification, duplicate contact identification and data enrichment. With true customer contact information, marketers can append data and consumer insights to provide a more personalized experience for every individual. Data quality is the prerequisite for effectively engaging with customers across channels.

Cross-channel marketing

Data is the foundation for creating intelligent interactions, but that data is only as powerful as its ability to immediately influence the execution of relevant messages seamlessly across marketing channels, every time.

By leveraging a cross-channel marketing platform capable of both integrating data from any source and delivering highly optimized, real-time messages in any channel, brands can focus more on the customer rather than on the channel.

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