OmniActivation Strategic Services for Customer and Website Experience

Personalize customer experiences on your website or call center.

Create a targeted messaging strategy across multiple customer touch points to increase conversions, engagement and positive brand experiences.

Real Time Consumer Insight Powers True Personalization

While advertising offers a multitude of opportunities to target consumers, a customer engagement strategy requires that a marketer can then provide the most tailored web or call center content and communications to enhance the consumer’s experience.

OmniActivation Strategic Services connects marketers to Experian’s vast consumer insight in real time to power a more personalized customer experience and significantly improve conversion and sales from the online channel.

The Best Insight Needs the Best Data and Analytics

Experian is the established global leader in providing consumer marketing data and analytics for advanced marketers. With over 30 years experience, Experian is a trusted provider that enforces best practices in data quality, privacy and compliance.  

To create the most impactful consumer insight available, OmniActivation Strategic Services draws upon all available data, including Experian data, third party data and the marketer’s own data. While OmniActivation Strategic Services retains the flexibility to work with any data set, some of the compelling Experian elements that can be provided immediately include:

  • ConsumerView— Demographic and interest data elements
  • Experian Mosaic® — Geo-demographic lifestyle segments
  • Experian TrueTouchSM — Attitudinal and channel preference segments
  • Summarized Credit Statistics — Likely consumer credit activity
  • Auto Market StatisticsSM — Automobile ownership patterns
The Unknown Consumer

With the majority of consumers that interact with your online content being largely anonymous, OmniActivation Strategic Services uses advanced methodologies that predict the location of the consumer at a resolution that varies from five-digit ZIP Code to household. Once Experian has geographically located the consumer, it is able to link the marketer’s selected data elements and deliver those back in real time, empowering marketers to drive response and associated revenue while consumers are engaged.

The Known Consumer

Whether collecting data via the web or call center, sourced directly or from a partner, better understanding consumers represents a significant step for the online marketer.

However, to ensure the information gathered or received can be acted upon, the marketer must go through a number of processes:

  • Verification — Ensure the data is clean by correcting errors, or adding any missing fields
  • Enhancement — Append additional data elements for greater consumer insight
  • Scoring — Categorize the consumer based on their fit to a pre-loaded or custom model

OmniActivation Strategic Services addresses all of these marketing requirements, offering a flexible feature set that gives marketers configurable options to best serve their specific needs.

Integration With Your Core Business

Whether used to target known or unknown consumers, OmniActivation Strategic Services can be directly integrated into CRM, content management systems or web content optimization technologies. Marketers can leverage the OmniActivation Strategic Services technology platform to improve and personalize content and communications, significantly increasing conversions and engagement.

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