Experian Marketing Services' cross-channel marketing platform is recognized with two awards at The American Business Awards

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Using email subscriber complaints to beat the spam folder

Using email subscriber complaints to beat the spam folder

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Breaking the complexity barrier

What will happen if marketers don’t optimize across channels?

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Ali Kennedy Jones
Director, Pogo Brands & Direct Engagement Marketing
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The cross-channel marketing platform

Intelligent interactions in every channel

Experian Marketing Services’ award-winning cross-channel marketing platform empowers brands to manage and execute all customer interactions within a single system, in real-time – removing the need for multiple, disparate platforms and individual channel vendors. Through its unparalleled scale and flexibility, the platform enables brands to easily integrate deep customer insights from any data source to create more intelligent, and effective, customer interactions across all channels.


One platform, endless capabilities:

  • Data integration - Gain a true panoramic view of your customers by integrating customer data from any source, and layering Experian Marketing Services’ rich consumer insights
  • Cross-channel campaign management - Centrally manage all cross-channel campaigns and seamlessly deliver the most consistent brand experiences to your customers
  • Interaction management - Capture your customers’ responses and sentiment, then immediately leverage that data for more relevant and timely cross-channel interactions

Learn how the platform can help you connect, engage and inspire your customers with optimized cross-channel interactions

Cross-channel marketing platform

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